Sunday, 13 July 2014

Join Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Victor Moses & More on Galaxy 11 Football Dream Team with the New Samsung Galaxy S5!

In Nigeria, no emotion binds us and transcends boundaries like football. It is a passion that is felt irrespective of class, religion or tribe. From the muddy roads with makeshift goal posts made with car tires in the slums to the astro-turfs with manicured turfs of the Island, football is Nigeria!
In every football match – and we mean even the friendliest of friendlies- there is always something at stake: National pride, personal glory, shiny silverware, money… What if a football match meant more? What if a match could determine our final existence? What if every pulsating of the net and slipping of the ball past the goalie’s gloved hands could determine how many more hours you had to live?

Follow this narrative in the multi-million, star studded GALAXY 11 campaign of Samsung Electronics, a campaign that spans stadiums, neighbourhoods, technology and is embedded in the GALAXY S5. It is a campaign that you could not have helped but notice from the hooded masked figures that appeared in the Allianz Arena, neighbourhoods that woke up to alien balls scattered everywhere to the ultra premium GALAXY S5 which embodies everything that is the GALAXY 11.
GALAXY 11 is made up of world class footballers who have come together in an attempt to save earth from alien domination in a no-limits match where Winner Takes Earth.
It is a futuristic, real life animation match made up of your favourite football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi [to mention a few]  and popular local star – Victor Moses with impressive array of dribbles, ball juggles, bone crunching tackles and sublime skills all delivered as the clock counts down!
The video highlights how features of the GALAXY S5, including water resistance, enhanced auto-focus and heart-rate monitoring capability, help the team perform at their very best, and can be viewed on the Galaxy 11 campaign website [], as well as across Samsung Mobile social channels. Here’s how the resilience power of the GALAXY 11 team was put into the GALAXY S5:

galaxy 5.1
The GALAXY S5, like the rugged GALAXY 11 Team is Dust and Water resistant! Let’s just say it is eternal, impenetrable, and can’t be hurt.
The GALAXY 11 Team trains on a secret base. This top notch privacy is replicated in the GALAXY S5 with fingerprint security. It finally means no one can access your phone except you personally make it possible. It also means your phone is truly your own, alone.
The team also has no cooling breaks because they are playing against extra terrestrials. That’s why the GALAXY S5 won’t die on you when you need it the most. Samsung GALAXY S5 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode that stretches battery life up to 24 hours when the battery drops to 10%.
The team is made of super fast players and the world’s fastest autofocus camera of the GALAXY S5 means you can capture the flightiest of images.
And fitness – the ultimate decider – is covered as the Samsung GALAXY S5 comes with a heart-rate sensor which means if you are a fitness nut and like to exercise, you can monitor your progress. That’s deeply thoughtful because it puts you on the alert and helps you maintain a healthy life.
The GALAXY 11 campaign also has loads of freebies – autographed balls, mouse pads, pens, stickers, knapsacks, phones, tablets – and the GALAXY S5 does not fail on that count. The GALAXY S5 comes with the GALAXY Gifts which offers discounts and freebies on meals, movies, books and music and there is a free accessory bundled with each GALAXY S5 you purchase. In addition to this, there is a special bundle discount to individuals who purchase the GEAR Fit alongside the Galaxy S5.
We need not say more, purchase the GALAXY S5 today to experience the full strength of the GALAXY 11 Team!
You can be in the control seat too, you can get the GALAXY 11 match game on the Play Store: and win prizes if you attain a Top Score!
Let’s Go Save Earth People!

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