Sunday, 29 June 2014

BN Health & Fitness: Enjoy Your Work Out with Adagirl

There are numerous benefits to working out consistently, and almost as many barriers to sticking to a regular workout regimen. Some of the most common reasons we hear from people all over the world on why they cannot commit to exercising include:
• I do not have enough time
• I cannot make it to the gym
• I don’t know what to do
• Exercising is boring
As a fitness instructor, I have seen, first hand, how powerful exercise is. There is far more to gain than changing your appearance. Chief among its benefits include the fact that regular exercise:
• Improves health and provides relief from aches and pain
• Reduces stress and generates good moods
• Increases cognitive function
• Promotes better sleep
So how can we tap into the benefits of working out while combating the barriers that keep us from taking that first step? Make it an enjoyable experience! Imagine a workout so well blended into something you enjoy – that you forget you are actually working out. One of the most powerful ways to get to that stage is through music.
To that end, I have created a slew of workout routines (ranging from strength training to cardio routines and abdominal workouts) set to some of the most popular Nigerian and African tunes. The goal is to customize workouts that fit our culture and identity. Each week, a new workout is uploaded to my YouTube channel (Adagurl). Technique coaching is available in the description of every song.
The great thing about these workouts is that they last the length of one song. Now you can get an intense workout in with whatever time you have in a day!

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