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#ExMuslim – Nigerian Boy Claims He Was Taken to Psych Ward by Family for Being an Atheist

Mental Instituition - June 2014 - BellaNaija.com 01
On Thursday 12th June 2014, Mubarak Bala, a young Nigerian man who goes by the name ExMuslim on Twitter, declared he is now an atheist, saying all religions of the world are “like a real-life maze”.
Mental Instituition - June 2014 - BellaNaija.com
He followed up with another tweet that “they” wish he was wrong and also referred to alleged declarations that in the religion of Islam virgins await men in another lifetime.
ExMuslim later sent out a series of tweets that he was sedated and taken to a mental institution  because his father who is a leader can not have a non-muslim family member.
Mubarak says he got hold of a phone at the institution and is tweeting about the incident, calling for help by organisations to set him free.
“They so wish I’m wrong. That all I say is a farce, that they hav another lifetime; goodies & virgins in gardens, where all wishes come true.
I wonder why blunt truths scares people, grown adults fear that there may really b no goodies after death. If u die you’re dead. That’s all
A psychiatric doctor told me: My dear, everyone needs a God, even in Japan, so just accept some medication to be normal like everyone else.
The penalty for gays in Islam: Take the ‘culprits’ up a hill, throw them, if ye meet them alive, repeat it over & over, until they’re dead.” he shared.
Read more tweets;

  • @2:30Am local time, still atheist, still sane, in a psycho hospital, unbroken, a staff risked his phone for me, mine’s caught and seized.
  •  I’m trying to be as resourceful as anyone could be, locked up in a psychiatric hospital with pSychos and semi-literate staff, its been 8days
  •  My neck still hurts, from the strangle-hold of my father, and the beat of uncles dislocated my finger and arm, I then got sedated by me bro. My brother @auwal_Muhammad gave me intravenous injection and I woke 30hours later in AKtH male psychiatric ward,still in there being drugged
  •  These tweets will be discovered, and my dad will make sure I don’t tweet again, I’ll still be resourcefull until I get non-family visitors I permit anyone who has access to rights organisations in Nigeria to get me a visitor, a counsel or access to management, I wronged no one!!
  •  Hours after sedating me, I later discovered my father declared a shahada for me, on my facebook wall, to tell friends I’m now a Muslim.
  •  Being a leader, in the forefront of Islami movement in Nigeria, he can’t afford to have a nonmuslim family member, so he declared me insane.
  •  I’ve been patient with the lies & preposterous ‘proofs’ of my ‘insanity’, & threats by family, only thinking they’ll learn to live with me..
  •  Myt Facebook name is Mubarak Bala, check out where a post was made while I was unconscious by my family, desperate to make me Muslim again.
  •  This is about the 6th smartphone I could lay my hands unto, I have been resourceful, I know it won’t last, they’l know I used a phone, soon.
  •  The owner of this phone may be in trouble by morning, the poor dude doesn’t even know what blackberry does, all he thinks is I’m texting.
  •  In case I can’t find another smartphone to keep in touch, know that my family will never accept that I am sane, cuz I said there was no Adam
  • For being an #exmuslim and causing him this public ‘embarrassment’, I’ll never be safe. Fulani’s, like Lanisters, always pays their debts. Mubaraks last tweet was four days ago and he has garnered a lot of followers who are trying to help his situation.
Mubarak’s last tweet was two days ago, and he has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter, with people asking for ways to help, sending him airtime to subscribe for his BIS and continue tweeting.

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