Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lawyer for American Missionary Teen who Raped Kenyan Orphans claims Voodoo was Put on Him

American Teen - July 2014 - 01
BN brought you the story on a 19-year-old American missionary volunteerMatthew Durham who molested young Kenyan girls and boys. Now we have an update.
He was charged on Friday with four counts of travelling to engage in illicit sexual conduct.
According to News OK, Durham’s lawyer Steve Jones now claims that voodoo was put on him.
“The affidavit is shot through with inaccuracies.
The events that occurred in Kenya the last maybe five six days that Matt was there frankly reveal some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him, including confiscating his passport, false imprisonment, keeping food from him one day, delay in allowing him to depart from the country, misleading his parents. I don’t think Hollywood could make up what happened at this so-called orphanage.” he said.

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