Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Device That Allows You To Be Where It Is Happening!

There’s a crowd everywhere these days. You want to capture your friends on their special day but there’s a crowd surrounding the couple as they dance away. You want to capture some seconds of your favourite musician as he/she rocks the stage, but there is Security, a barricade and then… a crowd. You want to capture your kid as he/she steps to the podium on Prize Giving Day but oh no! There’s a crowd
This is why Samsung Electronics West Africa has released a new Camera Specialised Smartphone that allows you to always be in the centre of action. Imagine a device that allows you to always be where it is happening – on the stage, in the eighteen – yard box, on the dance floor, on the pulpit. Yes! Meet theGalaxy K –Zoom, a camera specialized Smartphone with 10x Optical Lens that allows you sit in the stands comfortably while you capture all the action on the pitch.
Not all precious and touching moments in our daily lives happen on prior notice. Some occur rather unexpectedly, which will leave us with lingering but vague memories. With the Samsung Galaxy K zoom, you will always have an optical zoom lens camera built inside your smartphone in your pocket, to allow you capture every moment with images that have ultimate level of vividness with its 20.7 million pixels pictures. You also get to take your photos like a Pro: select “Pro Suggest” out of the many modes that the Galaxy K Zoom provides.
Ever been in a situation where you want to capture precious memories from an event but don’t want to lug around a camera? The sleek, stylish Galaxy K Zoom is the device for you. The incredibly light and slim K Zoom is only 20.2 mm thick. Also, it has a Power Saving Mode, where you configure your device to minimize battery consumption. You will be able to use Messages, Contacts, and emergency calls.
On the aesthetics side, the K Zoom appeals to an eclectic range of consumer tastes and
interests by featuring a perforated pattern on the back cover creating a modern glam look.
Its new sleek, contoured shape comes in an array of vivid colors, including charcoal Black, shimmery White, and electric Blue – all with the classic, ultra modern GALAXY S5 elegance. And it can be used as s camera, baby monitor and/or CCTV.
Buying the K Zoom from authorized Samsung outlets and Online retail stores today and you get a free silicone case. Buy Samsung. Buy peace of mind!

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