Friday, 22 August 2014

English Scientist/Author gets Backlash for saying it is “Immoral” not to Abort Kids with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Child - August 2014 - 01
English scientist and author Richard Dawkins is facing major criticism from parents of children with Down Syndrome genetic disorder as well as members of the public over his comment
Richard Dawkins - August 2014 - BN News - 01
When a Twitter user said she would not know what to do if she were pregnant with a kid with DS. The user called it “a real ethical dilemma”.
Richard Dawkins - August 2014 - BN News - 02
In a blunt tweet, he replied, “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice”.
He immediately got a lot of criticism with a mother of Down Syndrome’s child writing, “I would fight till my last breath for the life of my son. No dilemma.”
Dawkins later clarified his comment in a series of tweets. “I obviously wouldn’t tell a woman what to do. Up to her”, he said.
The Down’s Syndrome Association also issued a statement in response to his comment.
“People with Down’s Syndrome can and do live full and rewarding lives, they also make a valuable contribution to our society.
At the Down’s Syndrome Association, we do not believe Down’s Syndrome in itself should be a reason for termination, however, we realise that families must make their own choice.
The DSA strives to ensure that all prospective parents are given accurate and up to date information about the condition and what life might be like today for someone with Down’s syndrome.”
Dawkins is popular for his controversial comments. He claims that fairy tales and believing in Father Christmas could be damaging to children.

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