Monday, 25 August 2014

This Article on God & Ebola by The Guardian US is Causing Quite a Stir

The Guardian - August 2014 - Ebola - 02
Today Monday 25th August 2014, The Guardian US published an article by a author and regular columnist  Michele Hanson about the Ebola outbreak
The headline reads – “If God saved an American doctor with Ebola, why did he let 1,200 Africans die?”
In the short piece which can be read on The Guardian US’ website, the writer talks about how American Ebola patient Dr Kent Brantly who recovered from the deadly virus after taking the experimental drug Zmapp, was chosen by God and not the other 1,200 West African people who have lost their lives.
Michele says she tried to believe in God, but later gave up, “It must be lovely for Brantly to be so sure of things. I tried, aged 10, to work out whether God was around or not, but couldn’t. ‘What was his actual shape?’ I wondered. And how could he be everywhere, all at once? How big, for example, was his toenail? Did it cover Ruislip, where I lived? I imagined him constantly on the go, distant enough for an effective overview and able to home in on catastrophes and act. But it was very hit and miss. Would he be on the spot when you needed him, like Brantly did? On and on I went for years, trying to believe in him. I even went camping with a tremendously religious youth organisation, but despite the prayers and observances, even the devout did some frightfully rude things in their tents. And there was no divine retribution. I gave up on God, for ever.” she said.
With the article, she throws out a deep question which could be rhetorical about why God would choose one man and let thousands go.
It is causing quite a stir among active social media users who have read the story.
What’s your take?

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