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Anirah: “Girl, is that your real hair?” – 5 Tips on Making your Weaves look Natural

Anirah - Bellanaija - August 2014
For those of us who wear extensions, one of the issues we sometimes face is getting the weave to blend with our natural hair, especially when we want to leave our natural hair out
In as much as it is a weave it shouldn’t be that obvious; especially when it comes to going to work and attending to customers, taking photos for Instagram or attending events.
So let us help you out!
Today, we are going to highlight 5 aspects that you should consider if you want to get that flawless look with your weaves and get more natural looking extensions.
1. Great quality hair
Straight Weave
The quality of hair extensions you choose will determine how natural they look. Synthetic hair extensions will definitely look less natural than hair extension made with human hair.
There are so many grades and types of human hair extensions out there, so it is important that you select carefully. If you would like to use human hair and think it is too expensive to buy at once, you can invest towards it and buy it later. It lasts longer and you can use and re-use it.
For artificial hair it is very difficult or rather impossible to blend it with your natural hair even though there are many people who still use artificial hair. Because it has a different texture it may be better not to leave your natural hair out.
 2. Blending colours well
Color Pallette
A lot of ladies would love to use various hair colours for their hair extensions. However, they often forget that their natural hair colour would not match the hair extension.
If you are uncomfortable with dyeing your hair to match the hair extensions, it is better to stick with extensions that are close to your natural hair colour.
A great way to incorporate hair colour is to use ombre hair that has your natural hair colour. For example if you have jet black hair, your weave could have colours that include black and then brightens to brunette, mahogany or a colour with a dark base.
3. Length of the hair extensions
brazilian bodywave
We can’ t count how many ladies we see with hair lengths that are not proportionate to their body size. It almost seems as if the longer your weave, the more fabulous you seem. That is not the case!
You need to remember that when choosing hair length, you have to consider your body structure, size and shape.
We often commit the crime of choosing a length that is way too long for our frame or too short as the case may be. We need to consider the length of our natural hair too (yes, sometimes that is a problem) so your hair doesn’t look misplaced when your hair is all done.
4. The hair texture
Hair Textures
When trying to achieve a more natural look, you must consider the natural texture i.e the curl and pattern of the hair extensions.
If you are going for a more Bohemian look and wish to use hair extensions with tight curls, it is important to curl your hair as well to blend with the extensions. If you leave you hair out without curling it, you would end up with 2 different hair textures.
The same applies in the reverse – if you are natural and your hair has a certain curl pattern, get a wig or weave that would blend with your natural hair’s texture.
5. Volume 
banner copy
When trying to achieve a natural looking weave, it is important that you make sure your hair isn’t too voluminous. When your hair is too full, it looks too good to be true therefore artificial.
Overly full hair is also quite difficult to maintain, so it is better to go with volume that you are comfortable with and can handle for ease and perfection.
So there you have it ladies! There are more tips out there, and we know you have some! Share them with us!

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