Friday, 12 September 2014

14 Year Old US Boy Charged with Desecrating a Statue of Jesus Christ

Desecration of Jesus Statue 1A 14-year-old boy in the United States has been charged with desecrating a statue of Jesus Christ
The Pennsylvania-based boy is said to have stood in front of a Jesus statue, mimicking a sex act. He then posted pictures of his actions on social media,Daily Mail reports.
The statue reportedly belongs to Love in the Name of Christa Christian service organization. However, the organization did not file charges against the boy. Instead, they asked people to pray for him.
Authorities charged the teen through a 1972 law which makes it a criminal offense to desecrate a venerated object.
According to reports, the boy’s identity has been concealed because he is a minor, and his court papers are sealed.
It is unclear why the boy desecrated the statue.
Desecration of Jesus Statue 2
Jesus Christ Statue Desecrated by the boy

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