Saturday, 6 September 2014

FG Denies Hiring Stephen Davis as Boko Haram Hostage Negotiator

Stephen-Davies-600x335In response to the allegations being made by Stephen Davis about prominent Nigerian politicians being Boko Haram sponsors, coordinator of the National Information Centre
Mike Omeri, has denied hiring him as a hostage negotiator.
This new report conflicts with earlier reports that Davis spent four months negotiating with Boko Haram on behalf of the Nigerian government to free the over 200 abducted Chibok school girls.
According to The Nation, Omeri released the following statement on the issue:
“For now nobody has been hired by the government to negotiate on its behalf with Boko Haram. Anytime the government decides to do so, it will make it known to the public.
The government is still investigating the allegations made by the alleged negotiator. However, the government has no plan to question anybody because of those allegations made by the Australian.”

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