Saturday, 6 September 2014

Aunty Bella: Miss. Desperate For Help

Aunty Bella is our agony aunt column on gossip9jar
 . We launched this column in the early days of BN and periodically feature issues sent in by BN readers. We hope the BN family can offer insightful advice as well.
The letter has been minimally edited for grammar and structure.
Dear Aunt Bella,
It took me a long while to decide to finally write to you.
I am single, 29 year old graduate of microbiology who unfortunately graduated with a third class honours from a state university six years ago. Getting a job has been impossible since I resigned from the one I had in 2011. My boss then was owing salaries for months and having to manage on a 40k salary and shuttling from Surulere to Lekki and also having to work as personal assistant, supplychain, logistics, and customer service person started to take a toll on me.
Graduating with a 3rd class has been the biggest nightmare of my life.I still cannot understand how it happened.Getting a job has been hard for people with good degrees let alone myself. But then I was hoping that I will get an opportunity to express myself and create an impression that my 3rd class degree is only a certificate.
I have been thinking of what else to do with myself since the job isn’t coming. Nothing seems to have crept into my mind yet. Buying and selling is a No-No for me, as I hate risk. The truth is that I am not entrepreneurial. I am wired to be an employee.
I am the first from the family of four. I have known my mum to be the bread winner of my family since I was born. She has just retired 3 months ago as a teacher, pension hasn’t started coming. My 2 younger ones are still in school. My immediate younger sister is the only one with a job, and the whole family is dependent on her 100k salary.
My mum is frustrated about the fact that I am single and have no job or any other means of livelihood.
I am not happy about it either; it’s just that I really do not know what to do with my self yet. I put in not less than 3 applications everyday.I feel bad that I am not able to help my family at this critical moment that we are in. As regards relationships, half the men I have met since I moved to Lagos are married, the other half think I have money and want to come and have a share.
I am gradually withdrawing myself from everyone, and gradually slipping into depression. Help me please.

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