Saturday, 6 September 2014

Australian Hostage Negotiator Challenges Alimodu Sheriff to Sue Him

Stephen-Davis-and-Sherriff-BellaNaija1-600x284As you may recall, former governor of Borno State, Alimodu Sheriff threatened to sue Australian hostage negotiator, Stephen Davis for alleging that he is one of the primary sponsors of Boko Haram
In response to these threats, Davis has asked Sheriff to go ahead and sue him,The Cable reports.
Stating that he is 100 percent sure of his facts, Davis says:
“He is worried, is he? He knows that if he goes to court, the evidence will be produced and he cannot escape justice. Let him go to court if that is what he wishes. It is his right to do so.
He will not be able to avoid close examination and then the facts will be known. “Good luck to him if he decides to sue me in Australia. He can’t buy the judges here.
Truth is not for sale. Australia has zero toleration for those who might sponsor terrorism,” he said. “No one should be above the law whether in Australia or Nigeria. Justice must be served for every Nigerian killed, every girl and boy kidnapped, every girl raped, every person who has lost their home in the course of this violence.
It seems to me the extent of involvement of every person named by Boko Haram as a sponsor should be closely and thoroughly examined by the correct authorities.
I read his defence on the media this week. Rather than come out as a statement of facts, it read like a novel of unconvincing fiction…
In the last 48 hours, I have been in touch with some commanders of the group and they maintain their stand on Sheriff’s involvement.
Sheriff’s ploy of casting himself as a victim is a poor attempt at disguising his sponsorship as alleged by the Boko Haram commanders…”

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