Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nigerian Woman Who Paid for Cosmetic Surgeries in the UK With Stolen Credit Cards Walks Away Free

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Thelma Idahosa, a 29-year-old Nigerian mother of 2, who used six cloned cards to pay for cosmetic surgery, had a lucky day in court.

The graduate from Bromley, South East London, spent £8,500 on a number of cosmetic procedures at Harley Street Clinics and even requested for a refund when she complained that not enough fat had been removed during a liposuction.
Thelma had surgeries on her thighs, stomach, arms, love handles, as well as skin-tightening procedures using stolen credit card details.
At the Woolwich Crown Court, she was given a six month suspended prison sentence, and was told that she would have been jailed if it had not been for her young children.
According to the Daily Mail UK, Thelma spent £4,000 at the Harley Street Skin Clinic and then purchased £4,500 worth of treatment at the West One Clinic – where she demanded a £1,000 refund after only three litres of fat was removed instead of six.
Thelma Idahosa on BN - August 2014 - BN Beauty - BellaNaija.com 02
The mum of 2 who was seven months into another suspended sentence at the time, called the clinic allegedly shouting and ranting, and threatening to cause a scene at the clinic.
Two refunds of £500 were made to her.
The recorder at the court Michael Wood told Thelma that she should go to prison but because she has a relatively young child she isn’t.
He however said if in the next two years she commits an offence, she will go to prison whether she has a young child or is pregnant. He concluded with, “You’re a very, very lucky woman”

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